Pbs Soles was founded in 1958 by Marcello Sorrentino whom was later aided by his daughter Ivana and his son-in-law Tiziano Chiarini. Today, after 60 years, Francesca and Enrico Chiarini from the third generation continue the family business alongside their parents.

We produce soles for shoes according to the needs of our clients and using their shoe trees; our products are made of cork, agglomerated cork, E.V.A., microporous material and rubber, with or without a welt.


  • We manufacture every single piece with love and the utmost care to completely meet any type of request with precision to detail.

  • We believe that respecting tradition is the true innovation, accompanying the client step by step in the creation of a product.

  • Our clients can rely on our modelling department for developing any models required by the fashion trends of the moment and manufacturing them in mass production.

  • We believe it is important to produce quantity, but the quality of the product and the search for perfection are even more so.

We have long been cooperating with the major brands of the fashion and design industry, by ensuring the utmost professionalism and quality.

Thanks to our fully artisanal processing we are able to meet the customer’s requests and to carry out any prototypes even in small quantities, always with the utmost attention to detail.

We are constantly searching for new materials and we strive to continuously improve our production processes. Our design studio is able to meet any request, by carrying out high quality prototypes.